On Living an Intentional Life

Living intentionally

That is no easy feat, and we can only learn that the hard way, by doing it. One may imagine it is all sunshine and roses, coffee breaks and cloud watching, comfy clothes and morning baking. 

Living intentionally is living where calm lives.

When and where have we last found calm in this busy, noisy, chaotic, struggling life? Where and when as we’re all living to be productive, glorifying maddening and impossible schedules, penning in from time to time coffee dates with our loved ones, dates that usually come with rainchecks alongside, for… we all know how busy life can get?

It takes time, persistence, and practice. It takes all energy we may still have. But it is so wort it.

Understanding what moves our heart and what calms our soul may be an easy task, the harder thing would be to live by it.

This past month, while working with the translator for the first volume of the Whisper of the Graces in English, doing some follow-ups with the Publishing House for the Romanian version, and working a full-time job, I met with some creatives to do some brainstorming, for all our ideas and thoughts, plans and dreams, over some coffee/tea/sweets combo. No rainchecks, no delays, not hiding the reality of the overwhelming life.
We set time aside, enjoyed a meeting longer than discussed, took notes, exchanged ideas, made plans, and lined up steps to transform our visions into reality. Some very fine things came out of that meeting, and I am looking forward to our next one!

The intentional life can be found even in the cracks.

At the moment, at least, I am happy to find little pools of sunshine amid chaos, deep breaths of air in the bustling life, and excellent coffee that can be savored in a metropolis’ oasis.