Yearly Projects

Some friends are otherworldly creatures and these are their stories.

This is a collection of 10 stories wrote for 10 humans, each one to read in one sitting, depending on the available time, from 44 seconds to 22 minutes and 8 seconds, while waiting for the bus, waiting in line, needing to get lost for a while, or just escaping to another life.

You wonder what kind of friend deserves a story? These do!

It is time to Take Back Your Friday, Too!

This is a Novella, a beautifully written story about discovering oneself, learning from past mistakes and following one’s path despite being pulled to wrong directions at every turn.

Each month, on the 15th it will be a new installment, another piece of the puzzle that is  Life, making you smile, laugh or cry, believe there is still good in this world and above it all is only Love.